The Pros and Cons to Hiring an External SEO Team

SEO is not an easy task and even industry professionals are faced by SEO challenges. This is because rankings, conversions and traffic are not stationary metrics. Their performances are bound to change each day due to a wide range of reasons. Moreover, improving and maintaining these metrics needs constant testing, experimentation and vigilance. Since SEO is just like any other investment, it is important for managers to assess and plan SEO properly. Some of the key areas to watch closely include skilled personnel, technology, budget and time.

seo teamIt is wise to bear in mind that, there are a wide range of resources needed by a firm in order to effectively manage SEO. In order to determine the best option between an internal team and hiring an external team, it is important for the managers to access their resources and capacity. Today, many businesses are hiring external SEO teams rather than SEO in-house.

Once work has begun, it is prudent for the firm to have a member(s) of the staff to assess how work is being done. The staff chosen should have sufficient and proper knowledge on SEO. For example, web developers should from time to time check the changes done and analyze their effectiveness. The firm should properly plan and implement oversight methods and it should not rely on the reports provided by the external SEO team alone.


The process of building traffic, conversions and rankings is repetitive, tedious and can be very confusing. If you decide to perform the task yourself, you will waste a lot of time which could have been used to do something else. Things might not work out as expected and you might start questioning whether you are doing everything right. However, if you hire an external SEO team, you will have no more worries about the whole process and your internal team will focus more on their specialties.

An external team has more knowledge on some of the best SEO practices. They have up-to-date industry contacts that are better than those kept by internal personnel. In addition, they lack personal biasness with the company and this helps them point out things that are not working. Because they deal with a wide range of SEO problems across the industry, they will bring to the table some of the best industry solutions.

Hiring an external SEO team can help reduce the costs of training an internal team. In addition, a company can save more on personnel. This can help free up personnel and pay more attention on digital marketing among other web related activities. The nature of work to be done determines whether to hire an external team or not. If the project is short, hiring an external team is the best solution because it will help minimize costs.


The process of choosing the right external SEO team is problematic and critical at the same time. This is because the industry lacks SEO certification and this makes it difficult to choose the best team. Some unscrupulous individuals without the slightest SEO idea can be hired and this can be very disastrous. Such individuals have tarnished outsourcing and this has made many companies to fear hiring external SEO teams. If a company has decided to hire the services of an external team, the managers should thoroughly review the team. It is advisable to settle for a local SEO firm because most SEO firms may withhold references from previous clients.

Hiring an external SEO team can be very expensive. However, this depends on the SEO firm as well as the services it offers. Most of the time, managers and executives come to realize that an internal team is less expensive once the work has been completed. In addition, the internal SEO team might be more effective than the external team. This is because an internal SEO team has a lot of experience and knows the company much better than an external team. This means that an internal team can be in a position to yield better insights and innovations compared to an external consulting firm.

SEO guidelines change from time to time. Therefore, external teams that claim to understand the industry in and out should be avoided at all costs. In addition, the company should find out if the external team keeps up with the industry changes. If the team is updated, the company should further seek how it keeps up with industry changes. It is easy for a company to keep its internal team updated with industry changes, but impossible to do so with the external SEO team.

Once the SEO task is complete, it can be challenging to maintain the changes done. This is because the internal team might not have the necessary expertise to keep up with the new changes. Therefore, it is important for the company to have an internal staff work closely with the external team. The staff should be familiar with the industry. Digital-marketing-conferences-2016


Before outsourcing, it is wise for a company to determine the SEO resources that require outsourcing. Additionally, firms must find out how External SEO companies perform their SEO campaigns, how they determine the phrases and keywords to focus, how they create content and build links. It is wise to share its strategic sales and marketing goals with the external SEO team so that the team can understand the firm’s expectations. Additionally, the company should asses some of the services offered by the external SEO team including client support as well as pricing. It should also ask for references and review some of the work done by the team.