How Much Will you Spend on SEO Services?

In order for you to answer the question on how much you need to pay for SEO services. There is need to break it down to two segments. On one side, it would be how much SEO services cost and the other part would be how much you should spend for these services. This article will capture the two areas and allow you to gain insight when it comes to costs associated with this type of service industry.

Why you Need SEOs

Before going to the cost agenda, which is the obvious question that needs to be addressed, first you should understand why you need it and the value it will have to your website. However, it is crucial to note that both internet marketing and SEO can promote the growth of your business compared to any other medium.

A study conducted by Google showed that enterprises, which use the web have a higher chance of growing quicker than those that do not. Search engine optimization will assist your enterprise use the web efficiently and effectively. Thus, give you great return form online investments.

Cost of SEOs

This is often the initial question most business owners ask, which is perfectly understandable to know prior. Before making the decision on how much SEOs will cost your business, you need to understand that there are generally three different pricing models, when considering purchasing the services. They include monthly, per hour and per project cost.

Per Hour SEO Services Cost

The hourly basis is more popular compared to the other pricing schemes. You make a fixed payment rate for each hour the SEO consultant or firm spends while servicing you. What normally happens is that arrangements are made in advance and the consultant gives you the estimated amount of time they may take in performing the activities in terms of hours (for a project or a month). You will receive a detailed report with the estimated number of hours worked. From this point, you are required to process the payment in respect to the established hourly rate.

The hourly rate ranges from $20-200 per hour. The gap difference is highly dependent on a number of factors such as region, company size and complexity involved.

Per project SEO Service Cost

This is slightly different compared to the per hour pricing. With this pricing scheme, you get to come into an agreement with the SEO firm on the price for the project without considering the number of hours spent. Often, with this pricing, you need to make a down payment of approximately 30%.
At times, this method can be favourable at some point, especially when you are not certain of the number of hours required for a particular task and is also good for budgeting.

Monthly Services

Successful SEO campaigns have managed to expand over a month. Thus, a good decision would be to settle on a monthly charge. Apparently, the most common price range, on a monthly basis is $500-1,000. This package is quite popular as clients prefer it.

Best Pricing Model

For a perfect pricing model, a combination of the three mentioned models above will do. You will have to come into an agreement with the SEO firm or consultant when it comes to the tasks involved. The hourly rates will be integrated to the monthly charges. This means if you as a client have a fixed budget of $1,000 per month and the hourly charges are $50, then the firm will need to work for 20 hours within that month.

How Much to Spend on SEO Services

seo-costThere is no fixed price that cuts across the board; it all depends with your current internet presence, the kind of business you deal with, what you intend to achieve with the SEO and the list continues. The moment you begin practicing SEO, you will witness results both short-term and long-term.

A considerable amount of profit will be emanating for the online presence you have acquired. If you are primarily working offline and require just a good internet presence, a fixed monthly budget would be advisable. Hiring a SEO company or consultant is advisable when you intend to keep your presence in good shape.

Begin steadily and head long term instead of starting at a high note and going on a short term. This is because SEOs require time and may even take a couple of months for a campaign to achieve optimum results.


SEO services are not quite expensive if you consider the benefits you rip and the return it gives. Different companies charge differently, however small businesses that require a good presence on social media need to allocate a budget range of $500-1,000 in a month.

There is certainly no doubt on the importance search engine optimization has on a growing business and e-commerce as well. All you need to do is simply understand that it is a form of investment. From that point of view, you can be in a position to plan on how much you need to spend on it and the costs that normally accompany it.