Tips on Hiring the Best SEO Company


If your website does not appear on the first page for Google, Bing or Yahoo, your prospective clients may have no idea of your existence. A better visibility within the search engine is fundamental when it comes to boosting frequent visits to your site. This may result in more sales, higher profits and an increase in brand awareness.

If you fall short of the technical expertise and lack the time  and resources to improve your search engine visibility. You might be better off hiring an external SEO company to help with search growth. Hiring a competent, reliable and experienced company that specializes in search engine optimization may be a great decision. This article will mention a number of important factors to consider when prospecting for a great SEO company, if you want the best SEO services, you have to to consider the following criteria.

List of Past and Current Clients

If you have made the decision to hire an SEO company, ensure you inquire for their list of past and present clients. The firm should be willing to share with you even a brief list of those clients with their contact information included. Such references will assist you gauge the effectiveness of the candidate firm.

The clients may not be able to offer the specific analytics, however they should be in a position to inform you if they experienced a positive impact in terms of their search rankings.

Strategy to Improve Search Engine’s Ranking

SEO-StrategyRefrain from firms who avoid discussing in details the approach they intend to use in order to boost your ranking. It is crucial that they explain what approach they will implement and give an estimate of the period it would take to accomplish the goals you agreed on.

Verify that the firm’s proposal is inclusive of the initial technical reviews for your website in order to deal with any issue that has the potential to lower your ranking, showing error pages or including broken links. The firm should be capable of offering on page optimization, which is a process that makes your website search engine friendly. It actually involves improving the URL of your site and its internal linking structure, together with developing the web page titles, tags and headings.

Care to ask if they also offer off page SEO approaches that will raise awareness on your content in other sites, probably via social media, press release or blogs.

Search Engine Webmaster Guidelines

You need a firm that abides by the rules of web-master practices that prohibit the common SEO tricks. For instance, adding links, irrelevant hidden texts and generating spam content automatically. If the firm doesn’t stick to the web-master guidelines, your website may be downgraded to a lower search result ranking, worst case scenario, Google may opt to ban your site from search results.

Guarantee Positive Results

Care to ask if the firm can guarantee that your site will take up the first ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. An affirmative answer is never a good sign, however it isn’t impossible to get the first ranking on a search engine, but some unscrupulous firms make exaggerated guarantees.

The only ones who have the potential of controlling the search ranks are Google, Yahoo and Bing. So do not take any cheap talk of a firm having inside relationship with the likes of Google.

Experience in Upgrading Local Search Results

Making an appearance on the top and local search engine results is crucial to the growing small businesses, as it makes effort of attracting the close clients. If your site is optimized for local SEO, it will appear when someone close searches for something relevant to your business. For you to achieve that, the consultant you get will need to incorporate the location of your business to the website’s title tags.

Inform on the Changes Made to the Site

The SEOs will highly require some changes done to your current web page coding. It is crucial to know the adjustments that will be made by the consultant. If you prefer the candidate to proceed on without getting permission from you, when it comes to altering the site’s code, let them know.

For instance, find out if they intend to modify the title tags or add new ones to the existing HTML code. Also inquire if they offer additional copyright content that highlights your services and products. Get to know if they plan on redesigning some or all website navigations or simply incorporate new pages to the site.

Measure Success of SEO Campaigns

To measure the success of SEO efforts, you need to track on the quantity of traffic being sent to the site and where it originates. The firm should have an experience when it comes to tracking advancement in the search engine ranking, keyword searches that have been used to locate your site and many others.

Care to ask the duration they intend to share the crucial analytics with you. Get to know how they will use data to improve on your website traffic and search engine ranking.

Frequency of Communication

The customer service and communication styles of different companies vary in terms of standard. You should find a firm whose approach perfectly fits your needs. Inquire on the mode of communication the firm prefers. Get to know the frequency within which the consultant representing the firm will be posting you the status updates.

Fees and Payment Terms

It is important that you know the amount you will be charged by the firm, whether it’s on hourly basis or for the entire project. The most common when it comes to the SEO industry are project-based payments. However, the amount may vary depending on the complexity and project size.


It is always crucial to equip yourself with relevant information that will assist you progress. When it comes to SEO’s, a well-experienced firm will definitely steer you toward the right direction and boost your rankings in terms of web search and traffic. Ensure you carefully research on the firms before short-listing them.